Dana 153 ……….Part 1

God please preserve our lives. Grant us long life in joy & prosperity. And forgive the dead of their misdeeds while here. Amen!
There’s something to be said about how much poverty we have in Nigeria and by extension how tiny the middle class really is
Kind of amazing how 150 people die in a plane crash in a country of 160m and practically everyone in your circle knows someone that died
#InCaseYouMissedIt: This is the pdf copy of the official manifest of the ill-fated flight released by Dana Airlines. – http://t.co/tVzaZdOu
The number of people who can afford to fly is so small that we possibly all know each other…
Or does anyone know any of the people who died on the ground when the plane crashed into their homes? Do we even know how many they were?
The devil did not put a bad plane in the air to fly 153 souls. Men did. Government granted the licenses. Men overlooked things. Now that Levi is gone, what will be remembered of him is the brutal defense of the “Colossal failure” known as NNPC, government representatives please learn.
why is it that we only learn to do d right thing when greater havoc has been done? Same question all d time! But its not really about DANA. No one can convince me Air Nigeria pays more attention to safety than DANA… This is Nigeria at work…
Are you aware that d plane was previously owned by ALASKA Airlines The plane is about 22yrs old DANA acquired it in ’09 after 19yrs service.
Everything has a cost and sometimes the price may be our lives and those of others we love…One of the problems with corruption is that somehow, somewhere we are all paying for it!
Most plane crashes in Nigeria occur during the weekend pointing towards failure in regulatory oversight and company maintenance policies.
*Point to note: At any point in time there’s actually ONLY ONE airline in Nigeria, operating under several aliases.
We keep blaming the devil like the Devil’s mission on earth was exclusive to #Nigeria
The same folks who ran #Nigeria down, are running it down and will ask again in 2015 for votes to re-run it down.*smh
Those who missed the flight will “celebrate,” those who lost souls will cry, those responsible are still in jobs #Nigeria


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