Musings on holes and other things


Temitope Blackson-Usman. 

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Musings on holes and other things


There is something romantic about this semi-depressive state I’m in. The good days are thoroughly enjoyable. The days when I feel secure and nothing comes that stings my heart all feel like a monumental success. I can say I’ve won this 24 hours. Of course, it’s not so easy to feel a big hole with another big thing, but I’ve found a scattering of little rocks to throw in there. I’ve been trying to be friends with everyone, searching for random opportunities to get out with new people. It is refreshing to talk to people I simply haven’t talked to much. I have been reading more and writing more. I just keep throwing stuff in that hole until one day it will hopefully be filled with a conglomeration of rocks and sand, and just like the earth, all these little pieces of sediment will one day turn to solid rock, and there will no longer be a hole.


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