They ARE passion. |Random Musings|


Temitope Blackson-Usman. 

 In Other News.™ 


Until you see and hear the ”Charge of the Light Brigade” and witness the courage of ”the famous 600”, you know nothing. 


Until you see brave men fight, suffer and die for a noble and just cause, you know nothing. 


Until you see the Fulani horseman in the full fury of a cavalry charge, you have seen nothing. 


Until you hear the cries, see the tears, read the words and feel the pain of a wounded, tormented and broken soul, you have seen nothing. 


All these unseen things inspire and move. They stir the spirit and they, in turn, are stirred by passion. They ARE passion. They breath and bleed passion. And passion is the essence of life. It is the food of the compassionate and sensitive and the fuel of noble and courageous souls. 


It is the stuff of which gods and the immortal are made. It is our passport to posterity ,our key to future Glory.

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