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Perhaps the secret intention behind the entire matter is to never allow a girl to grow into a woman for she will then truly have her own mind and realize that she has a choice to make. How easy to manipulate a little girl into a situation with the excuse of saving her from prostitution and sin .It is all about control .What truly baffles me since long though is that none seems to remember the little boys. Has anyone of those people thought about the fact that they too might engage in *sinful* activities if they remain unmarried ? 

In my own opinion the argument is nothing but idiotic,be cause it is not marriage that prevents going astray but the education,example,healthy love and upbringing a child receives from his/her parents.

One thing about the argument in favour of girl-child marriage is that it is so narrow-minded to see the girl-child as first, a sex tool and second, an oven for baking babies. Have these people paused to consider how the babies born by these girls are being brought up? Surely, the baby-mother, knowing little or next to nothing about everything, especially a serious thing such as bringing up a child, (she is just a child herself, for God’s sake!) ends up sending out into the larger society children brought up by a child that will never attain the psychological maturity to fit into society. The results are the scars we are now at the pain of living with: Ahmed Yerima and the Boko Haram Boys. Nobody brought up by a real woman will think and act in the manner of such trash.


2 thoughts on “13+ (or 18+). |Random Musings|

  1. Very true…the senators that voted against the constitution should be brought to justice. In my own opinion its a demonic act of treason!!!

  2. Good day people..
    To my mind, I believe this issue is being over emphasised cos
    1-itis not like this is just being introduced, this clause has always been in the constitution and for one reason or the other, its jst coming to the notice of peeps
    2-the issue is basically talkin about citizenship what itis just sayin is aside an adult who is above 18 who can renounce citizenship, a married woman too will be said to be an adult.. It has not in anyway said marry out ur child @ a particular age..
    I just think some peeps and or organizations just saw it as an oppurtunity to show some misplaced solidarity for the girl child and also see it as an avenue to promote such organizations..
    As a matter of fact, no legislation in Nigeria has created a particular age for marriage, rather it has provided that parental consent must be sought for a marriage of peeps less than 21..
    #Just some random thoughts#

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